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SUN & MOON, Urban Hotel

Signature Menu

Royal Khmer Massage
A traditional Khmer massage which is a deep full body treatment starting from the feet and finishing at the head. Using a combination of stretching and bending, it is ideal for easing stiffness, sore muscles and improving blood circulation.

SUN & MOON Signature Massage
Gentle, rhythmic and with the use of essential oils on the meridians of the body, this signature massage helps to improve the concentration and rejuvenates the spirit while encouraging a good flow of energy throughout the body.

Natural Khmer Herbal Scrub
Through the use of healing Khmer herbs, this gentle, all-natural scrub is ideal for removing dead skin cells to reveal supple, rejuvenated skin.

Tamarind Herbal Scrub
This age-old beauty recipe uses a smooth and sensual blend of tamarind and honey. Applied to the skin, this treatment offers a deep, full body scrub that exfoliates, nourishes, tones and soothes the skin.

Green Tea Body Mask
The antioxidant properties of green tea, combined with the cleansing agents of mint and kaffir lime, help to detoxify and the enhance the firmness of the skin.

Lakoocha Rice Milk Mask
This gentle body treatment gives your skin the nourishment and hydration it needs, and is also known for its effectiveness in whitening the skin and reducing dark spots.

Hot Stone Massage
One of the oldest healing practices in the world, hot stones are strategically placed on the body to relax muscle fibers and warm the skin to allow the absorption of therapeutic oils. Mind, body and soul will feel brand new.

Foot Reflexology Massage
By applying pressure to certain areas of the feet, our skilled masseuses help to relieve aches and remove blockages to ensure that energy flows freely through the body.

Head and Shoulder Massage
This luxurious massage is applied to the head, neck and shoulders. It relieves tired muscles, improves
Posture and works to balance the mind and spirit.

Back Relief Massage
This treatment begins with a calming back massage followed by an invigorating ginger and kaffir lime mask. This treatment is ideal for frequent travelers

Ultimate Back Massage
This concentrated 45-minute massage focuses on the back, shoulder, face and head. Special techniques are applied to relax and reduce muscle tension.